AT91M55800A-33AU 32位ARM单片机LQFP-176封装

Status Production
SRAM (Bytes) 8K
External Bus Interface 1
10-bit ADC Channels 8
10-bit DAC Channel 2
Peripheral DMA Channels 10
Max. Clock Speed (MHz) 33
I/O Pins 58
16-bit Timers 6
Watchdog Timer 1
Crystal Oscillator/PLL 39845
I/O Voltage Domain (V) 3.3/5.0
Single Supply Y
Pb-Free Packages LFBGA 176
LQFP 176
AT91M55800A-33AU 概述

爱特梅尔的AT91 ARM Thumb微控制器能提供8位微控制器用户期望的32位的性能,而仍在他的严格的系统预算之内。额外性能使软件中创新而非发展通信、压缩或控制协议。依据工业标准的ARM处理器核心建立一个微控制器产品系列保证了顾客的长期可及性。ARM处理器的普遍采用使大量的合格软件IP产品得到发展,减少了新产品的上市时间。AT91 微控制器以低功率, 实时控制应用为目标。它们已经被成功地设计入工业自动化系统、MP-3/WMA 播放器、数据采集产品、传呼器, 点销售终端、医疗设备, GPS 和网络系统。

The AT91M55800A is a member of the Atmel AT91 16/32-bit microcontroller family, which is based on the ARM7TDMI processor core. This processor has a high-performance 32-bit RISC architecture with a high-density 16-bit instruction set and very low power consumption. In addition, a large number of internally banked registers result in very fast exception handling, making the device ideal for real-time control applications.

AT91M55800A-33AU 特性
AT91M55800A-33AU 订购型号
Ordering Code Package Package Type Operating Temperature Range
AT91M55800A-33AU LQFP 176 Greent -40° C to +85°C
AT91M55800A-33CJ BGA 176 RoHS-compliant  
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