Part#MIPS (max)(MIPS)Memory SRAM on chipADC CoresADC Resolution(bits)ADC ChannelsADC Output Sample Rate (max)(SPS)DAC outputsDAC Resolution(bits)GPIO pinsOperating Temp Range
ADUC71264032 kB112161M41240-40 to 125°C
ADUC71244032 kB112121M2-30-40 to 125°C
ADUC7122408 kB112131M121232-10 to 95°C
ADUC7029404 kB11271M41228-40 to 125°C
ADUC7023408 kB112121M41220-40 to 125°C
ADUC7121408 kB11291M41232-10 to 95°C
ADUC7061104 kB224108k1148-40 to 125°C
ADUC7060104 kB224108k11414-40 to 125°C
ADUC7036206 kB21628k0-9-40 to 115°C
ADUC7034204 kB21628k0-9-40 to 115°C
ADUC7033206 kB-1628k--9-40 to 105°C
ADUC7032-8L406 kB-1638k--9-40 to 105°C
ADUC7129408 kB112121M11040-40 to 125°C
ADUC7128408 kB112101M11028-40 to 125°C
ADUC7028408 kB112121M41230-40 to 125°C
ADUC7027408 kB112161M--40-40 to 125°C
ADUC7025408 kB112121M0-40-40 to 125°C
ADUC7024408 kB112121M21240-40 to 125°C
ADUC7022408 kB112101M0-40-40 to 125°C
ADUC7021408 kB112101M21240-40 to 125°C
ADUC7020408 kB11291M41240-40 to 125°C
ADUC7019408 kB11281M31240-40 to 125°C
ADUC7026408 kB112161M41240-40 to 125°C