Discrete IGBT without Anti-Parallel Diode

ProductProduct StatusGreenBudgetary Price €€/1kSwitching FrequencyPackageVCEIC (@ 100°)IC (@ 25°)
IGBT without Anti-Parallel Diode
IRG4IBC20WactiveRoHS -Gen 4 8-30 kHzTO-220-3 FP600.0 V6.0 A12.0 A
IRG4PC50SactiveRoHS Halogen-free-Gen 4 8-30 kHzTO-247600.0 V41.0 A70.0 A
IRG4BC40UactiveRoHS Halogen-free-Gen 4 8-30 kHzTO-220600.0 V20.0 A40.0 A
IGW15T120active and preferredRoHS 1.64TRENCHSTOP™ 2-20 kHzTO-2471200.0 V15.0 A30.0 A
IRG4PH50KactiveRoHS Halogen-free-Gen 4 8-30 kHzTO-2471200.0 V24.0 A45.0 A
IRGB8B60KactiveRoHS Halogen-free-Gen 5 8-30 kHzTO-220600.0 V19.0 A28.0 A
IRGP4760active and preferredRoHS -Gen 6.2 8-30 kHzTO-247650.0 V60.0 A90.0 A
IRGS8B60KactiveRoHS Halogen-free-Gen 5 8-30 kHzD2PAK (TO-263)600.0 V19.0 A28.0 A
IRG4BC30FactiveRoHS -Gen 4 8-30 kHzTO-220600.0 V17.0 A31.0 A
IRGP4063active and preferredRoHS -Gen 6.2 8-30 kHzTO-247600.0 V48.0 A96.0 A
IRG4PH50S-EactiveRoHS Halogen-free-Gen 4 8-30 kHzTO-2471200.0 V33.0 A57.0 A
IRG4PC30SactiveRoHS Halogen-free-Gen 4 8-30 kHzTO-247600.0 V18.0 A34.0 A
IRG4PC40KactiveRoHS Halogen-free-Gen 4 1-8 kHzTO-247600.0 V25.0 A42.0 A
IRGS15B60KactiveRoHS Halogen-free-Gen 5 8-30 kHzD2PAK (TO-263)600.0 V15.0 A31.0 A
IRG7PH42UactiveRoHS -Gen 7 8-30 kHzTO-2471200.0 V60.0 A90.0 A
IRGP4066active and preferredRoHS -Gen 6.2 8-30 kHzTO-247600.0 V90.0 A140.0 A
IRG4PSC71UactiveRoHS Halogen-free-Gen 4 8-30 kHzSuper-247 (TO-274)600.0 V60.0 A85.0 A
IRGP4263active and preferredRoHS -Gen 6.2 8-30 kHzTO-247650.0 V60.0 A90.0 A
IRGS6B60KactiveRoHS Halogen-free-Gen 5 8-30 kHzD2PAK (TO-263)600.0 V7.0 A13.0 A
IRG4BC40WLactiveRoHS Halogen-free-Gen 4 8-30 kHzI2PAK (TO-262)600.0 V20.0 A40.0 A
IRG4PC40UactiveRoHS Halogen-free-Gen 4 8-30 kHzTO-247600.0 V20.0 A40.0 A
IRG4BC30W-SactiveRoHS Halogen-free-Gen 4 8-30 kHzD2PAK (TO-263)600.0 V12.0 A23.0 A
IRG4BC20FactiveRoHS -Gen 4 8-30 kHzTO-220600.0 V9.0 A16.0 A
IRG4PF50WactiveRoHS Halogen-free-Gen 4 8-30 kHzTO-247900.0 V28.0 A51.0 A
IRGB14C40LactiveRoHS Halogen-free-Gen 7 8-30 kHzTO-220430.0 V14.0 A20.0 A
IRGB6B60KactiveRoHS -Gen 5 8-30 kHzTO-220600.0 V7.0 A13.0 A
IRGP4640active and preferredRoHS -Gen 6.2 8-30 kHzTO-247600.0 V40.0 A65.0 A
IRG4BC20WactiveRoHS Halogen-free-Gen 4 8-30 kHzTO-220600.0 V6.5 A13.0 A
IRGSL30B60KactiveRoHS Halogen-free-Gen 5 30-150 kHzI2PAK (TO-262)600.0 V50.0 A78.0 A
IRG4BH20K-SactiveRoHS Halogen-free-Gen 4 8-30 kHzD2PAK (TO-263)1200.0 V5.0 A11.0 A
IRG4PC50KactiveRoHS Halogen-free-Gen 4 1-8 kHzTO-247600.0 V30.0 A52.0 A
IRG4BC40SactiveRoHS Halogen-free-Gen 4 8-30 kHzTO-220600.0 V31.0 A60.0 A
IRG4PH40UactiveRoHS Halogen-free-Gen 4 8-30 kHzTO-2471200.0 V21.0 A41.0 A
IRG4PSC71KactiveRoHS Halogen-free-Gen 4 8-30 kHzSuper-247 (TO-274)600.0 V60.0 A85.0 A
IRG4PC30KactiveRoHS Halogen-free-Gen 4 1-8 kHzTO-247600.0 V16.0 A28.0 A
IRG4RC20FactiveRoHS -Gen 4 8-30 kHzDPAK (TO-252)600.0 V12.0 A22.0 A
IRG4PC40FactiveRoHS Halogen-free-Gen 4 8-30 kHzTO-247600.0 V27.0 A49.0 A
IRGS14C40LactiveRoHS Halogen-free-Gen 4 8-30 kHzD2PAK (TO-263)430.0 V14.0 A20.0 A
IRG4BH20K-LactiveRoHS Halogen-free-Gen 4 8-30 kHzI2PAK (TO-262)1200.0 V5.0 A11.0 A
IRG4PC50FactiveRoHS Halogen-free-Gen 4 8-30 kHzTO-247600.0 V39.0 A70.0 A
IRG4BC30UactiveRoHS Halogen-free-Gen 4 8-30 kHzTO-220600.0 V12.0 A23.0 A
IRG4PC60UactiveRoHS Halogen-free-Gen 4 8-30 kHzTO-247600.0 V40.0 A75.0 A
IRG7PSH73K10activeRoHS -Gen 7 8-30 kHzSuper-247 (TO-274)1200.0 V130.0 A220.0 A
IRG4IBC30WactiveRoHS -Gen 4 8-30 kHzTO-220-3 FP600.0 V8.4 A17.0 A
IRG4PC50WactiveRoHS Halogen-free-Gen 4 8-30 kHzTO-247600.0 V27.0 A55.0 A
IRG4BC40KactiveRoHS Halogen-free-Gen 4 8-30 kHzTO-220600.0 V25.0 A42.0 A
IRG4PH40KactiveRoHS Halogen-free-Gen 4 8-30 kHzTO-2471200.0 V15.0 A30.0 A
IRGB4B60KactiveRoHS Halogen-free-Gen 5 8-30 kHzTO-220600.0 V6.8 A12.0 A
IRGP4790active and preferredRoHS -Gen 6.2 8-30 kHzTO-247650.0 V90.0 A140.0 A
IRG4BC20W-SactiveRoHS Halogen-free-Gen 4 8-30 kHzD2PAK (TO-263)600.0 V6.5 A13.0 A
IRGSL14C40LactiveRoHS Halogen-free-Gen 4 8-30 kHzI2PAK (TO-262)430.0 V14.0 A20.0 A
IRGP4062-Eactive and preferredRoHS -Gen 6.2 8-30 kHzTO-247600.0 V24.0 A48.0 A
IRG4PH50UactiveRoHS Halogen-free-Gen 4 8-30 kHzTO-2471200.0 V24.0 A45.0 A
IRG4PC30FactiveRoHS Halogen-free-Gen 4 8-30 kHzTO-247600.0 V17.0 A31.0 A
IRG4PC30WactiveRoHS Halogen-free-Gen 4 8-30 kHzTO-247600.0 V12.0 A23.0 A
IRGPS40B120UactiveRoHS Halogen-free-Gen 5 8-30 kHzSuper-247 (TO-274)1200.0 V40.0 A80.0 A
IRGP4069active and preferredRoHS -Gen 6.2 8-30 kHzTO-247600.0 V50.0 A76.0 A
IRGP4266active and preferredRoHS -Gen 6.2 8-30 kHzTO-247650.0 V90.0 A140.0 A
IRGS4B60KactiveRoHS Halogen-free-Gen 5 8-30 kHzD2PAK (TO-263)600.0 V6.8 A12.0 A
IRG4BC40WactiveRoHS Halogen-free-Gen 4 8-30 kHzTO-220600.0 V20.0 A40.0 A
IRG4PC50F-EactiveRoHS Halogen-free-Gen 4 1-8 kHzTO-247600.0 V39.0 A70.0 A
IRG4BC30SactiveRoHS Halogen-free-Gen 4 8-30 kHzTO-220600.0 V18.0 A34.0 A
IRG4PC60FactiveRoHS Halogen-free-Gen 4 8-30 kHzTO-247600.0 V60.0 A90.0 A
IRG4BC20UactiveRoHS Halogen-free-Gen 4 1 kHzTO-220600.0 V6.5 A13.0 A
IRG7PH50UactiveRoHS -Gen 7 8-30 kHzTO-2471200.0 V90.0 A140.0 A
IRGP20B120U-EactiveRoHS Halogen-free-Gen 5 8-30 kHzTO-2471200.0 V20.0 A40.0 A
IRG4BC30KactiveRoHS Halogen-free-Gen 4 1-8 kHzTO-220600.0 V16.0 A28.0 A
IRG4IBC30SactiveRoHS -Gen 4 8-30 kHzTO-220-3 FP600.0 V13.0 A23.5 A
IRG4PC50UactiveRoHS Halogen-free-Gen 4 1 kHzTO-247600.0 V27.0 A55.0 A
IRG4BC40FactiveRoHS Halogen-free-Gen 4 8-30 kHzTO-220600.0 V27.0 A49.0 A
IRG4PH30KactiveRoHS Halogen-free-Gen 4 8-30 kHzTO-2471200.0 V10.0 A20.0 A
IRG4PH50SactiveRoHS Halogen-free-Gen 4 8-30 kHzTO-2471200.0 V33.0 A57.0 A
IRG4PC30UactiveRoHS Halogen-free-Gen 4 8-30 kHzTO-247600.0 V12.0 A23.0 A
IGZ100N65H5active and preferredRoHS Halogen-free3.35TRENCHSTOP™5 30-100 kHzTO-247-4650.0 V101.0 A161.0 A
IRG4RC10UactiveRoHS -Gen 4 1 kHzDPAK (TO-252)600.0 V5.0 A8.5 A
IRG4PC40SactiveRoHS Halogen-free-Gen 4 8-30 kHzTO-247600.0 V31.0 A60.0 A
IRG4BC30WactiveRoHS Halogen-free-Gen 4 8-30 kHzTO-220600.0 V12.0 A23.0 A
IRG4BC20SactiveRoHS Halogen-free-Gen 4 1-8 kHzTO-220600.0 V10.0 A19.0 A
IRG4PH20KactiveRoHS Halogen-free-Gen 4 30-150 kHzTO-2471200.0 V5.0 A11.0 A
IRGB30B60KactiveRoHS Halogen-free-Gen 5 30-150 kHzTO-220600.0 V50.0 A78.0 A
IRGS30B60KactiveRoHS Halogen-free-Gen 5 30-150 kHzD2PAK (TO-263)600.0 V50.0 A78.0 A
IRG4BC40WSactiveRoHS Halogen-free-Gen 4 8-30 kHzD2PAK (TO-263)600.0 V20.0 A40.0 A
IRG4PC40WactiveRoHS Halogen-free-Gen 4 8-30 kHzTO-247600.0 V20.0 A40.0 A
IGZ75N65H5active and preferredRoHS Halogen-free2.82TRENCHSTOP™5 30-100 kHzTO-247-4650.0 V75.0 A119.0 A
IGW25T120active and preferredRoHS 2.28TRENCHSTOP™ 2-20 kHzTO-2471200.0 V25.0 A50.0 A
IGZ50N65H5active and preferredRoHS Halogen-free2.29TRENCHSTOP™5 30-100 kHzTO-247-4650.0 V54.0 A85.0 A
IGW60T120active and preferredRoHS 3.62TRENCHSTOP™ 2-20 kHzTO-2471200.0 V60.0 A100.0 A
IGB15N60Tactive and preferredRoHS Halogen-free0.76TRENCHSTOP™ 2-20 kHzD2PAK (TO-263)600.0 V23.0 A26.0 A
IGB30N60Tactive and preferredRoHS Halogen-free1.16TRENCHSTOP™ 2-20 kHzD2PAK (TO-263)600.0 V39.0 A45.0 A
IGW30N60Tactive and preferredRoHS 1.52TRENCHSTOP™ 2-20 kHzTO-247600.0 V39.0 A45.0 A
IGB50N60Tactive and preferredRoHS Halogen-free2.03TRENCHSTOP™ 2-20 kHzD2PAK (TO-263)600.0 V90.0 A64.0 A
IGW50N60Tactive and preferredRoHS 2.3TRENCHSTOP™ 2-20 kHzTO-247600.0 V64.0 A90.0 A
IGW75N60Tactive and preferredRoHS 3.01TRENCHSTOP™ 2-20 kHzTO-247600.0 V75.0 A150.0 A
SGB02N60discontinuedRoHS Halogen-free-Fast IGBT 10-40 kHzD2PAK (TO-263)600.0 V2.9 A6.0 A
SGB02N120not for new designRoHS Halogen-free0.62Fast IGBT 10-40 kHzD2PAK (TO-263)1200.0 V2.8 A6.2 A
SGD02N120not for new designRoHS 0.47Fast IGBT 10-40 kHzDPAK (TO-252)1200.0 V2.8 A6.2 A
SGD02N60not for new designRoHS 0.35Fast IGBT 10-40 kHzDPAK (TO-252)600.0 V2.9 A6.0 A
SGD04N60discontinuedRoHS 0.47Fast IGBT 10-40 kHzDPAK (TO-252)600.0 V4.9 A9.4 A
SGB07N120discontinuedRoHS Halogen-free1.17Fast IGBT 10-40 kHzD2PAK (TO-263)1200.0 V7.9 A16.5 A
SGD06N60discontinuedRoHS 0.52Fast IGBT 10-40 kHzDPAK (TO-252)600.0 V6.9 A12.0 A
SGB15N120not for new designRoHS Halogen-free1.84Fast IGBT 10-40 kHzD2PAK (TO-263)1200.0 V15.0 A30.0 A
SGW15N120discontinuedRoHS 2.28Fast IGBT 10-40 kHzTO-2471200.0 V15.0 A30.0 A
SGB10N60AdiscontinuedRoHS Halogen-free0.86Fast IGBT 10-40 kHzD2PAK (TO-263)600.0 V10.6 A20.0 A
SGW25N120not for new designRoHS -Fast IGBT 10-40 kHzTO-2471200.0 V25.0 A46.0 A
SGW10N60AdiscontinuedRoHS -Fast IGBT 10-40 kHzTO-247600.0 V10.6 A20.0 A
SGB15N60discontinuedRoHS Halogen-free-Fast IGBT 10-40 kHzD2PAK (TO-263)600.0 V15.0 A31.0 A
SGW20N60not for new designRoHS 1.75Fast IGBT 10-40 kHzTO-247600.0 V20.0 A40.0 A
SGB30N60discontinuedRoHS Halogen-free1.55Fast IGBT 10-40 kHzD2PAK (TO-263)600.0 V30.0 A41.0 A
SGW30N60not for new designRoHS 2.1Fast IGBT 10-40 kHzTO-247600.0 V30.0 A41.0 A
IGB01N120H2not for new designRoHS Halogen-free0.52HighSpeed2 30-100 kHzD2PAK (TO-263)1200.0 V1.3 A3.2 A
SGB15N60HSdiscontinuedRoHS Halogen-free-HighSpeed 30-100 kHzD2PAK (TO-263)600.0 V15.0 A27.0 A
IGD01N120H2not for new designRoHS 0.41HighSpeed2 30-100 kHzDPAK (TO-252)1200.0 V1.3 A3.2 A
SGW20N60HSdiscontinuedRoHS -HighSpeed 30-100 kHzTO-247600.0 V20.0 A36.0 A
IGW08T120active and preferredRoHS 1.24TRENCHSTOP™ 2-20 kHzTO-2471200.0 V8.0 A16.0 A
IGB03N120H2not for new designRoHS Halogen-free0.64HighSpeed2 30-100 kHzD2PAK (TO-263)1200.0 V3.9 A9.6 A
SGW30N60HSdiscontinuedRoHS 2.1HighSpeed 30-100 kHzTO-247600.0 V30.0 A41.0 A
SGW50N60HSdiscontinuedRoHS 2.87HighSpeed 30-100 kHzTO-247600.0 V50.0 A
IGW03N120H2not for new designRoHS 1.12HighSpeed2 30-100 kHzTO-2471200.0 V3.9 A9.6 A
IGB10N60Tactive and preferredRoHS Halogen-free0.53TRENCHSTOP™ 2-20 kHzD2PAK (TO-263)600.0 V18.0 A24.0 A
IGP06N60Tactive and preferredRoHS Halogen-free0.47TRENCHSTOP™ 2-20 kHzTO-220600.0 V6.0 A12.0 A
IGP10N60Tactive and preferredRoHS Halogen-free0.57TRENCHSTOP™ 2-20 kHzTO-220600.0 V18.0 A24.0 A
IGP15N60Tactive and preferredRoHS Halogen-free0.68TRENCHSTOP™ 2-20 kHzTO-220600.0 V23.0 A26.0 A
IGP50N60Tactive and preferredRoHS Halogen-free1.78TRENCHSTOP™ 2-20 kHzTO-220600.0 V64.0 A90.0 A
SGP04N60discontinuedRoHS Halogen-free-Fast IGBT 10-40 kHzTO-220600.0 V4.9 A9.4 A
SGP06N60discontinuedRoHS Halogen-free-Fast IGBT 10-40 kHzTO-220600.0 V6.9 A12.0 A
SGP10N60AdiscontinuedRoHS Halogen-free0.85Fast IGBT 10-40 kHzTO-220600.0 V10.6 A20.0 A
SGP15N60discontinuedRoHS Halogen-free1.04Fast IGBT 10-40 kHzTO-220600.0 V15.0 A31.0 A
SGP20N60discontinuedRoHS Halogen-free1.25Fast IGBT 10-40 kHzTO-220600.0 V20.0 A40.0 A
SGP20N60HSdiscontinuedRoHS Halogen-free-HighSpeed 30-100 kHzTO-220600.0 V20.0 A36.0 A
SGP30N60discontinuedRoHS Halogen-free1.6Fast IGBT 10-40 kHzTO-220600.0 V30.0 A41.0 A
SGP30N60HSdiscontinuedRoHS Halogen-free1.6HighSpeed 30-100 kHzTO-220600.0 V30.0 A41.0 A
IGP01N120H2discontinuedRoHS Halogen-free0.55HighSpeed2 30-100 kHzTO-2201200.0 V1.3 A3.2 A
IGP03N120H2discontinuedRoHS Halogen-free0.68HighSpeed2 30-100 kHzTO-2201200.0 V3.9 A9.6 A
SGI02N120discontinuedRoHS Halogen-free0.69Fast IGBT 10-40 kHzD2PAK (TO-263)1200.0 V2.8 A6.2 A
SGP02N120not for new designRoHS Halogen-free0.66Fast IGBT 10-40 kHzTO-2201200.0 V2.8 A6.2 A
SGP07N120discontinuedRoHS Halogen-free1.23Fast IGBT 10-40 kHzTO-2201200.0 V7.9 A16.5 A
SGP15N120not for new designRoHS Halogen-free1.77Fast IGBT 10-40 kHzTO-2201200.0 V15.0 A30.0 A
IGW25N120H3active and preferredRoHS 2.24HighSpeed3 20-100 kHzTO-2471200.0 V25.0 A50.0 A
IGW15N120H3active and preferredRoHS 1.77HighSpeed3 20-100 kHzTO-2471200.0 V15.0 A30.0 A
IGW40N120H3active and preferredRoHS 3.1HighSpeed3 20-100 kHzTO-2471200.0 V40.0 A80.0 A
IGP20N60H3active and preferredRoHS Halogen-free0.92HighSpeed3 20-100 kHzTO-220600.0 V20.0 A40.0 A
IGP30N60H3active and preferredRoHS Halogen-free1.22HighSpeed3 20-100 kHzTO-220600.0 V30.0 A60.0 A
IGW50N60H3active and preferredRoHS 2.13HighSpeed3 20-100 kHzTO-247600.0 V50.0 A100.0 A
IGW40N60H3active and preferredRoHS 1.82HighSpeed3 20-100 kHzTO-247600.0 V40.0 A80.0 A
IGA30N60H3discontinuedRoHS Halogen-free1.2HighSpeed3 20-100 kHzTO220-3 FP600.0 V11.0 A18.0 A
IGB20N60H3active and preferredRoHS Halogen-free0.85HighSpeed3 20-100 kHzD2PAK (TO-263)600.0 V20.0 A40.0 A
IGW20N60H3active and preferredRoHS 1.2HighSpeed3 20-100 kHzTO-247600.0 V20.0 A40.0 A
IGB30N60H3active and preferredRoHS Halogen-free1.08HighSpeed3 20-100 kHzD2PAK (TO-263)600.0 V30.0 A60.0 A
IGW30N60H3active and preferredRoHS 1.41HighSpeed3 20-100 kHzTO-247600.0 V30.0 A60.0 A
IGD06N60Tactive and preferredRoHS Halogen-free0.34TRENCHSTOP™ 2-20 kHzDPAK (TO-252)600.0 V6.0 A12.0 A
IGW75N60H3active and preferredRoHS 2.78HighSpeed3 20-100 kHzTO-247600.0 V75.0 A140.0 A
IGW40T120active and preferredRoHS 2.77TRENCHSTOP™ 2-20 kHzTO-2471200.0 V40.0 A75.0 A
IGW100N60H3active and preferredRoHS 3.38HighSpeed3 20-100 kHzTO-247600.0 V120.0 A140.0 A
IGW30N100Tactive and preferredRoHS 2.23TRENCHSTOP™ 2-20 kHzTO-2471000.0 V30.0 A60.0 A
IGW60N60H3active and preferredRoHS 2.38HighSpeed3 20-100 kHzTO-247600.0 V60.0 A80.0 A
IGP40N65H5active and preferredRoHS Halogen-free1.53TRENCHSTOP™5 30-100 kHzTO-220650.0 V46.0 A74.0 A
IGW40N65F5active and preferredRoHS 1.84TRENCHSTOP™5 60-120 kHzTO-247650.0 V46.0 A74.0 A
IGP40N65F5active and preferredRoHS Halogen-free1.53TRENCHSTOP™5 60-120 kHzTO-220650.0 V46.0 A74.0 A
IGW50N65F5active and preferredRoHS 2.16TRENCHSTOP™5 60-120 kHzTO-247650.0 V56.0 A80.0 A
IGW50N65H5active and preferredRoHS 2.16TRENCHSTOP™5 30-100 kHzTO-247650.0 V56.0 A80.0 A
IGW40N65H5active and preferredRoHS 1.84TRENCHSTOP™5 30-100 kHzTO-247650.0 V46.0 A74.0 A
IGU04N60Tactive and preferredRoHS Halogen-free0.43TRENCHSTOP™ 2-20 kHzTO-251600.0 V4.0 A8.0 A
IGP20N65F5active and preferredRoHS Halogen-free1.03TRENCHSTOP™5 60-120 kHzTO-220650.0 V21.0 A42.0 A
IGP20N65H5active and preferredRoHS Halogen-free1.03TRENCHSTOP™5 30-100 kHzTO-220650.0 V21.0 A42.0 A
IGP30N65F5active and preferredRoHS Halogen-free2.32TRENCHSTOP™5 60-120 kHzTO-220650.0 V35.0 A55.0 A
IGP30N65H5active and preferredRoHS Halogen-free1.28TRENCHSTOP™5 30-100 kHzTO-220650.0 V35.0 A55.0 A
IGW75N65H5active and preferredRoHS Halogen-free-TRENCHSTOP™5 30-100 kHzTO-247650.0 V75.0 A120.0 A
IGW30N65L5active and preferredRoHS Halogen-free1.76TRENCHSTOP™5 50 Hz -20 kHzTO-247650.0 V62.0 A85.0 A
IGW30N60TPactive and preferredRoHS Halogen-free-TRENCHSTOP™PERFORMANCE 2-30 kHzTO-247600.0 V38.0 A53.0 A
IGA03N120H2not for new designRoHS Halogen-free-HighSpeed2 30-100 kHzTO220-3 FP1200.0 V8.2 A2.2 A
IGW40N60TPactive and preferredRoHS Halogen-free-TRENCHSTOP™PERFORMANCE 2-30 kHzTO-247600.0 V48.0 A67.0 A
IGW50N60TPactive and preferredRoHS Halogen-free-TRENCHSTOP™PERFORMANCE 2-30 kHzTO-247600.0 V61.0 A80.0 A