LXT9785EHC C2 英特尔快速以太网 8 端口 PHY


采用了低功率、高性能的Intel LXT9785芯片,使10/100Base-T 端口在一般五类线上的连接距离可以高达200米。 此外,阿尔卡特还在其交换机中集成了英特尔LXT978510/100 8端口收发机 (transceiver), 它可通过低功耗和多接口简化多端口交换机的设计。

The LXT9785and LXT9785E are Intel's lowest power, highest performance octal 10/100 transceivers. The Intel LXT9785/LXT9785E transceivers simplify multi-port switch design through low power, previous-generation register compatibility, and multiple interfaces. The LXT9785/LXT9785E transceiver complies with all applicable requirements of IEEE 802.3 standards and demonstrates superior Ethernet performance with operation up to 200 meters. LXT9785and LXT9785E are identical except for the Voice over IP (VoIP) telephony features included in the LXT9785E transceiver. The LXT9785E is an enhanced version of the LXT9785 that detects data terminal equipment (DTE) capable of being powered remotely from the switch over a Category 5 cable. The system can use the information collected by the LXT9785E to apply power over the cable if the link partner requires it, such as an IP telephone. The LXT9785E offers an easy to use solution for OEMs designing VoIP systems that need to be as robust as typical PBX-based telephone systems.

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Intel Carrier Class Ethernet

 Many networking and telecom applications require high-performance Ethernet components capable of operating under harsh environmental conditions. Intel Carrier Class Ethernet products support operation over the entire extended temperature range while providing features that increase reliability. Each device has an operation lifetime of at least 10 years with less than 100 failures per billion hours. All Intel Carrier Class Ethernet devices will be available a minimum of 5 years from product introduction. The Intel Carrier Class Ethernet product portfolio includes solutions for Ethernet physical layer, switching and repeater technologies at a variety of speeds. Intel Carrier Class Ethernet products are ideal for applications where equipment must function reliably in uncontrolled environmental conditions such as base stations, telecom/network switches, factory floor equipment, and industrial computers.

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