LT1010 - Fast 150mA Power Buffer

The LT®1010 is a fast, unity-gain buffer that can increase the output capability of existing IC op amps by more than an order of magnitude. This easy-to-use part makes fast amplifiers less sensitive to capacitive loading and reduces thermal feedback in precision DC amplifiers.

Designed to be incorporated within the feedback loop, the buffer can isolate almost any reactive load. Speed can be improved with a single external resistor. Internal operating currents are essentially unaffected by the supply voltage range. Single supply operation is also practical.

This monolithic IC is supplied in 8-pin miniDIP, plastic TO-220 and 8-pin DFN packages. The low thermal resistance power package is an aid in reducing operating junction temperatures.

  • 20MHz Bandwidth
  • 75V/μs Slew Rate
  • Drives ±10V into 75Ω
  • 5mA Quiescent Current
  • Drives Capacitive Loads > 1μF
  • Current and Thermal Limit
  • Operates from Single Supply ≥ 4.5V
  • Very Low Distortion Operation
  • Available in 8-Pin miniDIP, Plastic TO-220 and Tiny 3mm × 3mm × 0.75mm 8-Pin DFN Packages
Typical Application
LT1010 Typical Application
LT1010 Typical Application
  • Boost Op Amp Output
  • Isolate Capacitive Loads
  • Drive Long Cables
  • Audio Amplifiers
  • Video Amplifiers
  • Power Small Motors
  • Operational Power Supply
  • FET Driver
LT1010 Package Drawing
LT1010 Package Drawing
LT1010 Package Drawing
Order Information
Part NumberPackageTempPrice(1-99)Price (1k)*
LT1010CDD#PBF3x3 DFN-8C$2.92$2.40
LT1010CDD#TRPBF3x3 DFN-8C$2.46
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