LT1115 - Ultra-Low Noise, Low Distortion, Audio Op Amp

The LT®1115 is the lowest noise audio operational amplifier available. This ultralow noise performance (0.9nV/rtHz at 1kHz) is combined with high slew rates (>15V/µs) and very low distortion specifications.

The RIAA circuit shown below using the LT1115 has very low distortion and little deviation from ideal RIAA response (see graph).

  • Voltage Noise 1.2nV/ rtHz Max at 1kHz
  • 0.9nV/ rtHz Typ at 1kHz
  • Voltage and Current Noise 100% Tested
  • Gain-Bandwidth Product 40MHz Min
  • Slew Rate 10V/µs Min
  • Voltage Gain 2 Million Min
  • Low THD@10kHz, AV= -10, RL=600ohms 0.002% VO=7VRMS
  • Low IMD, CCIF Method, AV= +10: 0.002%, RL=600ohms ,VO=7VRMS
Typical Application
LT1115 Typical Application
LT1115 Typical Application
  • High Quality Audio Preamplifiers
  • Low Noise Microphone Preamplifiers
  • Very Low Noise Instrumentation Amplifiers
  • Low Noise Frequency Synthesizers
  • Infrared Detector Amplifiers
  • Hydrophone Amplifiers
  • Low Distortion Oscillators
LT1115 Package Drawing
LT1115 Package Drawing
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DC417BDIP8, MS8, S8, SOT23-6 | Multi-Footprint General Purpose Board for Single Op. Amp$25.00
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